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First responder app

Live Alarm

by Lifeline Applications

First Responder App

What is Live Alarm?


Live Alarm is a mobile and web application developed by Lifeline Applications to help you respond to dangerous situations faster, safer, and smarter. By drawing on years of real world experience in high risk environments, we designed a first responder app to solve many of the problems you face in communication, coordination, and situational awareness. The Live Alarm first responder app is used regularly to address both mundane and complex safety situations. 

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Live Alarm, First responder app, web app
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Affordably available for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

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Live Alarm supported web browsers

Our Clients

“Live Alarm offers our agency a useful app that aids our deputies with sharing real-time information at complex or evolving scenes. Having the ability to share locations, photos, and other invaluable information through a few clicks on our department issued mobile devices makes our responses smoother and keeps our deputies and the community safer.   


We highly recommend this app to any law enforcement agency for SWAT team, patrol, K9, drone, or search and rescue operations.”

Chisago County Sheriff's Office

"This app has been a great addition to our agency...Another great feature has been the chat groups and sharing of pictures and video back to command and all operators.


We have also recently deployed this app to all sworn deputies and it has performed well in K-9 tracks, perimeter searches for suspects and lost persons.


I would recommend this app to any law enforcement agency, Swat team or search and rescue team."

Lieutenant Dave Rolland

SWAT Commander

St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office

Law enforcement app, first responder app
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law enforcement app, first responder app
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Create and manage events.

Get navigation directions.

Include your partners.


Communicate over chat.

Share photos, files, videos.

Save what you need.


Track response in real-time.

Drop and label map pins.

Manage all units.

Respond to emergencies faster, safer, and smarter.

Why should I care?

For those in the law enforcement, firefighter, and emergency medical communities, we know you face a wide range of risky situations daily. The environment is often ambiguous, and changes happen fast. You know good communication, coordination, and situational awareness are critical to navigate these risks. Unfortunately, when your technology tools are not up to the task, your problems get compounded. Apps for first responders can do much better.

How does it work?

You create and manage events from a mobile device or computer web browser. You can also share events with other organizations that use Live Alarm. This is made easy through a simple and flexible interface. You can include other law enforcement agencies, fire departments, or ambulances. Create a common understanding of the situation through chat, file, photo and video sharing. Coordinate and maintain oversight through a live, editable map. This lets you increase safety, reduce risk, and even save lives.


What makes Live Alarm different?


How easy it is to use. It is the most frequent feedback we receive. While there are many first responder apps to choose from, you will be pleased to find Live Alarm simple and powerful. If no one can use a technology, especially a first responder app, all of the capabilities are useless. Work is hard. A first responder app doesn't have to be.


Is it secure and compliant?


All data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. It is only processed in the US and provided to you. This makes it easy to import into your data retention solution. While some companies add security to an application last, Live Alarm by Lifeline Applications was designed from the beginning with security in mind.  The system is based on confidentiality, integrity, and availability, the three pillars of information security.

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